Rapid Prototyping

.05 mm   STL - SLA


 what you may like to know :

we specialize in prototyping, added manufacturing and low volume production for customers in the automotive- and consumer electronics industry (e.g. housings for devices and electronics, frames, switches, flex-reliefs, inlays, and many more), moreover in producing special medical diagnostic models and housings for diagnostic appliances.

once in a while we are asked to produce detailed parts for scale models or quite special repro-parts for classic and/or racing vehicles, to all of which we are personally close to.

our expertise is plastics technology and top level plastic parts creation.

basing on datasets or drawings provided we shape your design into 3 dimensions when relying on professional prototyping devices, and having 25 years of experience by now.

simple 3D geometries we create at our own, for complex constructions we draw on reliable partners. 2D constructions are usually processed inhouse.

for processing provided data we deal with various formats, 2D is preferred as *.dxf (LT, 2004 or higher), 3D-exchange is fine using *.stl // *.step // *.iges // and many other data-formats on demand.

please feel free to send us your request and data, drawing, or even your handmade sample with according information, that we will always treat confidentially.

just mail  :    projekt (at) pmnw.at

or phone: +43 (0)664 735 08 450

we will be glad to reward your reliance with a quotation non-committal for you !